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About us

In June 2006, the Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology was founded in Bern, Switzerland. On the basis of the English name, a uniform abbreviation for multilingual Switzerland was created.


It is the aim of the SSCP, to promote both coaching as a part of psychological work as well as professional form of consulting and coaching psychology as a scientific discipline. The SSCP offers profound coaching services to clients in the field of economy and management as well as other potential fields.

Advanced training and qualifications

SSCP members are qualified and experienced practitioners whose standards on professional qualification and ethics are especially strict. They have a university degree in psychology and have undergone advanced training in coaching. The Coaching-Curriculum, a concept designed by SSCP, includes a three-year extra-occupational programme for advanced training and thoroughly prepares new members for coaching services.

Affiliated association of FSP


SSCP is an affiliated association of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (F÷deration der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologen, FSP), which is an umbrella organisation for university-educated psychologists. Today, the association comprises more than 6400 members.


We attach great importance to the networking and close relationship with representatives in the field of economy, management and politics as well as with other associations complying with our standards on quality and professional ethics.